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Bing on Mac OS X

Thanks to Aaron Linville, I've compiled bing for Mac OS X:

Grab the source:

Edit Makefile. Uncomment lines 24, 25 regarding the COMPAT_INCS includes.

Edit bing.c (line 110) , bing_probes.c (line 11), and bing_stats.c (line 13) and change <malloc.h> to <malloc/malloc.h>

It'll build with several warning (they appear to be innocuous, but I haven't really looked into them), but it does compile. make install will install it into /usr/local and it will be made suid root. Otherwise if you run it out of the directory you built it, remember to run it as root.

Bing, if you care to read French, computes point-to-point throughput using two sizes of ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to a pair of remote hosts.

One Response to "Bing on Mac OS X"

  1. I manually copied it to /usr/local/bin and did chmod +s on it as make install didn't seem to work.