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IE/Win and Forum Problems

I upgraded the Sand Trap golf forum yesterday to vBulletin 3.5.1. The upgrade went fairly smoothly (I still have a few templates to fix to include some of the new AJAX-y stuff), except that people using Internet Explorer for Windows seem to get the standard "this page cannot be loaded" crap.

Supposedly, after clearing cookies, IE/Win users can browse the forum as a guest, but as soon as they log in they once again see the errors.

I don't have access to a PC. It works in every browser I've got, and one guy on a PC with Firefox told me that it works in Firefox for the PC. How in the hell do you troubleshoot something like this?

I'm willing to pay someone if they can solve this problem. It's been solved.

P.S. I've set up "Test/test" as a user/pass if anyone wants to try it for me from IE on Windows. I've also copied the file to if you want to look there. Look for the text <-- BAD --> - if both of those lines point to the proper scripts, the site blows up. If either one does and the other doesn't, it works fine. But deleting all of the .js scripts from the server still results in the same error occurring when you visit the forum itself.

10 Responses to "IE/Win and Forum Problems"

  1. similar error occured for others using the google api, for that situation it appeared the error was caused by the placing of the javascript inside a css div tag.

    not sure if that will help ya. The error is a bizarre popup I have never seen before. When i do a view source on the page it is not the complete source. it only goes as far as line 682. last 3 lines in the source


      <td class="alt1">261</td>

      <td cla

    good luck

  2. I tested it from Windows XP (running inside Virtual PC) and I can confirm that IE refuses to load once I've logged in. An alert pops up saying "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site Operation aborted"

    After dismissing the alert the typical IE "The page cannot be displayed" generic message is shown, with the generic suggestiions (try reloading the page, see if you mistyped the URL, etc.)

    It appears to at least partially load the page, as the window is filled with the page's background color (the light grey) before the alert pops up.

    I don't know enough about Windows or IE to debug this, sorry. If you want to check your server logs, look for access from ( You'll see stuff from both Safari and from IE/Windows, as I looked at the site in Safari to verify that it worked in Safari.

  3. I can also confirm that I am getting the same problem in IE6, IE5.5, and IE5.01 on Windows XP SP2. Firefox works fine. I did a little web searching for you and found the following pages: (Search for "Operation aborted", it's a little more than halfway down)

    Is it possible that some JavaScript is attempting to manipulate the DOM before the page is finished loading? I haven't looked very deeply into the code on the page in question but there seem to be a lot of suggestions that that is the cause of this error.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I've uploaded two files, both of which should have full static URLs for all images and scripts:

    logged_in.html indeed causes IE/Win to BOOM. If someone on a Windows machine with IE can DIFF the two and test each of the four or five likely issues (some plain text and links are different - those shouldn't cause any problems), the answer may be quite easy to find. Help? Please?

    Frickin' IE... 🙁

  5. If i copy the source from firefox, save it locally, updated the .js files to your site, and try to open the local .htm fil in ie then it bombs.

    if I remove this line it works.

    <script type="text/javascript"> vbmenu_register("usercptools"); </script>


    well it looks like it works if the trailing anchor tag is placed before the script tag for usercptools

    I dont know anything about vBulletin, but that stops the error on my static IE page.

  6. Yes, I guess it's not clear from the above, but it's been solved.

  7. Now you understand the real reason why so many sites don't work nicely for Macs... it's not because the authors hate Macs, but because there's no good way for them to identify and troubleshoot problems.

  8. Sure there is, Jo-Pete: write to standards.

  9. Yeah, the solution was shared in the comments above.

  10. Can you share your solution? Thanks!