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QotD: Dashcode

Question: Is this real? Fake? Something to be used internally only? Would you use it?

My Answer: It looks real, and it looks like something we could see at MWSF. I hope so, too - it looks nice.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Dashcode"

  1. Looks real. Apple doesn't need to make widgets, so I think they'll release it at some point. And I don't think Apple would develop such an app for such a small amount of people out there developing widgets, so this may not be from them.

    It looks waay too simple in some aspects (like the templates), and this may be the wrong first impression, because most regular users without web development experience might find the main Xcode-like window a little intimidating, with all that Javascript and stuff, and may be very confused with settings in the Attributes panel. So, whoever is developing this, should decide whether it's gonna be intended for the regular Joe or for an experienced web developer. And if it's for regular Joe, we'll soon be full of yet more useless widgets.

    Wherever this goes, I guess I'll stick to Widgetarium. What the hell, I don't even use Dashboard anymore, so I guess I'll use nothing.

  2. It's definately real. Check out the video that was posted on that forum.

  3. Looks very real to me. And there are lots of posts discussing this thing. So it must be real. But even if it's real it isn't the type of widget making app that I would really want. You can check my blog for my take on what a widget dev tool should be.