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Bleeker St

Recently I read Redesign/Realign at ALA, and today I stumbled onto ColorSchemer/Realign. One of the themes there, Bleeker St, appealed to me, and I've created a mockup of NSLog(); using the Bleeker tones. You can view the full-size JPEG by clicking the image below (in the individual entry page).

I don't particularly care for it, so this blog will, for now, remain as it stands. If you would like the mockup PSD, just ask.

Nslog Midtone Theme

2 Responses to "Bleeker St"

  1. I like it better. But then I really don't like the font that you currently have for your title, so almost anything would be an improvement. The new one is a little boring.

  2. Hello Erik,

    your blog is fantastic, it is one of the best I have found so far on the Web. I especially enjoy that sense of humor, it really makes me laugh a lot and I also find your personal approach to life magnificent, honestly - no particular interest on these words but let you know the reason because I wish you continue posting in here :-)-. It seems that since you are happily coupled this blog has a different taste, perhaps is the self-acceptance you commented in that post about your baby and Maryland in November 2004. After barely following the history of the romance between Carey and you I just can thank you for sharing such beautiful things with the ones who read this blog and tell you what a great guy I think you are and that the family you have created is simply wonderful. Bless you all.


    PS: Olivia -MM stand for the initials of my two first surnames 🙂