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Question: RAID on every consumer-level Mac or no?

My Answer: Sure, why not? Give everyone a RAID system. Though fitting the second drive in may create a problem for Ives and his team, I'm sure they can manage to find some place to stick it. Bear in mind it's not only a size but a heat issue… And John is only talking about RAID Level 1, so even the dumber Mac Geniuses could repair it without losing data (how dumb many Mac Geniuses are when it comes to the software side of your computer is beyond the scope of this entry).

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3 Responses to "QotD: iRAID"

  1. My one criticism is that putting in laptops might hurt battery life. But desktops? Why wait; get this done now!

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure how they'd design this for a laptop, even the size concerns. Maybe they'll have to start using iPod disks in laptops? 😛

  3. Tablet Mac with camera, that has ipod shaped slot for autosyncing contents of interior drive (the new sneakernet, while the iTab does its wifi thing)