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QotD: Wine to Triple Mac Marketshare

Question: Do you think that Wine will triple the Mac's marketshare in two years?

My Answer: I, like Wil, think it could triple. However, I don't think it'll happen unless Apple gets involved with the Wine project and makes it at least a semi-official or pre-installed option, and I don't see them doing that, because then they'd find themselves supporting Wine (or their variation of it).

Update: Yes, I originally misread what Wil had said at first: I thought he was saying that Wine would lead to the increase, not simply installing Windows on another partition and booting into Windows. Dual boot systems aren't really all that great.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Wine to Triple Mac Marketshare"

  1. I don't know that Wine could really triple Apple's market share. I think their market share could triple, but I doubt it would have to do with Wine.

    Also, while I understand the interest in Wine, in a way I hesitate to see Apple go with it because then OS X could become another OS/2: technically superior, but why go with it because you can just run Windows...

  2. I do not see the point of wine for OSX, I can run Windows in a Window on my powerbook and it runs everything(damn, Logic Works!!) I need just fine. If it is not native OSX it is probably not worth using or their is a alternative program that will work just fine.

    Gaming is another story. World of Warcraft runs on my powerbook native, i doubt i will be any other games that do not run OSX native or at least Linux native.

    If anything Wine just supports Windows Development.