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Erie County Election Results

I didn't vote, partly because I didn't know where to vote and partly because I don't care and no Republicans ever win anything in Erie. Then again, I think it's better not to have voted. We get Pittsburgh local channels on DirecTV and I don't read the local news anyway, so my votes would have been the epitomy of "uninformed."

Interesting bits in bold, copied from

Dale McBrier defeated Mark DiVecchio by 6 votes, 32,168 to 32,162, to win the face for Erie County Executive. Holy cow. The official count will be held on Monday.

Erie Mayor: Joe Sinnott defeated Jack Anderson by over a 3-1 margin. Proving that shit hasn't changed, nearly the first thing out Sinnott's mouth was that he wants to bring back the layed-off workers. The City of Erie is facing a $6 million budget deficit next year.

Erie City Council: Rubye Jenkins-Husband, Curtis Jones Jr, Dr Lonny Gatlin and Jim Thompson won seats. The re-elction of Thompson was the biggest disappointment of the night. He embodies everything the is wrong with politics and this gives him 4 more years to do evil. On the bright side, three smart, hard-working African Americans are now on council with the election of Jones Jr, Gatlin, and the re-election of Jenkins-Husband.

Harbocreek Supervisor: Dean Pepicello defeated Joe Peck by 163 votes.

Millcreek Supervisor: Brian McGrath blew away Erie County Councilwoman Joy Greco by 4,600 votes. Greco has been and always will be against anything and everthing, good or bad. [Ed: this is the only guy that came to my house and gave me a flier. He was wearing Cutter & Buck, and I asked him if he golfed. He said "when I have the time and the wife lets me, sure." I'd have voted for him. Plus, isn't "Brian McGrath" the name of a lead singer or a BMX biker or something?]

Erie County Council, 2nd District: Joe Giles defeated Vicki Taylor.

Erie County Council, 4th District: Dave Mitchell beat Regis Dombrowski.

Harbor Creek School Board: Not one candidate that was opposed to the school dress code was elected. [Carey student-taught at Harborcreek. The dress code issue was a big deal when she was there last year.]

Linesville (Crawford County) Mayor: 18-year-old high school student Chris Seeley was elected becoming the youngest mayor in the country. Seeley will attend Allegheny College next year. [Wow]

One Response to "Erie County Election Results"

  1. As posted on the Erie County Site:
    3A DIVECCHIO 32162
    3B MCBRIER 32168
    FYI: McBrier is Republican. He won. It was close. Every vote counts! We were to vote at the church that is less than a 1/2 mile away from our house (not Little Bug's school). The city is made up of mostly democrats but not the county.