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I, Robot Not So Bad

I watched I, Robot last night, and contrary to what I'd heard, I kinda liked the movie. The concept was sound. The plot and acting left a little to be desired, as always, but the idea, the concept, and what I have to imagine was Isaac Asimov's true intent, lesson, purpose, etc. stood out as an interesting thing.

Perhaps the movie appealed to me a bit more than the general public because I've worked closely with computers most of my life. "The ghost in the machine" is not a foreign concept to me, and I understood it a bit more than, say, Carey who, true to form, fell asleep quite promptly.

One Response to "I, Robot Not So Bad"

  1. I thought it was a fable about the problems with monopolies. There's only one robot manufacture in the whole world?? And everyone has 'auto-update' always turned on? Well, there's your problem right there!!

    Maybe the guy who made all the robots had a patent or something (which shows the danger of patents), but in the real world, there will probably be more than one company that makes robots. And probably some people will keep auto-update turned off. I mean, look at the Sony PSP. Sony keeps trying to lock out homebrewers through firmware updates, but people keep finding ways to turn that off. It's probably going to be the same with robots.