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Mark Cuban on the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the news:

Q: "If you bought the Pirates would you give up day-to-day operation of the Mavericks?"
A: "No."
Q: "Are you really interested in buying the Pirates or are you just a long-time frustrated fan who's disappointed with the way the team is being run?"
A: "Both."
Q: "You told the Associated Press the Pirates said the team wasn't for sale. Were you just inquiring or did you make a firm offer?"
A: "Inquiring."
Q: "If the team goes on the market after the 2006 season, would you still be interested?"
A: "Yes."

Is it any coincidence that my own interest in the Pirates has been in decline since 1992? No. The current ownership takes "small market team mentality" to a whole new level. I hope Mark Cuban buys the team, or finds a way to oust McClatchy.

2 Responses to "Mark Cuban on the Pittsburgh Pirates"

  1. I would definitely back Mark Cuban as an owner for the Pirates. I grew up in the 'Burgh and used to be a huge Pirates fan until they turned into a Major League farm team (right around '92 when they sold off Bonds and Bonilla). PNC Park is a beautiful place to play, and it would be great if we could field a competitive team, rather than just showing off our current players to trade away for the next rebuilding phase.

    Mark Cuban could bring competitive baseball back to Pittsburgh.

    At least we still have the Steelers, and Mario is trying to rebuild the Penguins with Crosby, Fleury, and Whitney.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself: The Pirates owner has been the biggest whiner about baseball's economic system - and the biggest culprit in terms of taking advantage of it to the disadvantage of Pittsburgh's fans. Thanks to the city-financed...