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Millcreek Leaf Trash Bags

So Millcreek Township dictates that all residents who are looking to dispose of leaves from their yards (and we have plenty) must use biodegradable green trash bags. They put a large article in the paper on Saturday reminding residents of this fact.

Carey and I purchase a leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher from Lowe's and stop by the Township building to buy some bags, which in turns tells us to visit any of five different retailers. I stop by one, Ferrier's Hardware, and am told "we've been sold out for a week and so has everyone else. The Township building is open Monday but they don't expect any more until Tuesday. I don't know when we'll get more."

Way to go, Millcreek!

5 Responses to "Millcreek Leaf Trash Bags"

  1. I see three options: you put your leaves in non-biodegradable bags, in a biodegradable abscence of bags or you burn them. Either way they won't like it.

  2. They won't pick them up, obviously impossible, and nowhere to burn them. So yeah, just kinda screwed right now. Until at least Tuesday, anyway.

  3. In my neighborhood, we just have to put the leaves (unbagged) near the street.

  4. you can take them in any kind of bag you want to the composting center at 2301Millfair Road and then you will have to unbag them when you get there

    depending on where you live, cheaper than buying the bags anyway

  5. There are several places to purchase biodegradable plastic bags on the web. ECOSAFE is a lage and easy to find web site. Try to find biodegradable paper leaf bags on the web... That is nearly impossible...

    Here is their web site...

    See ya from the left coast...