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My Own Abstract Art

Carey and I painted our bedroom a pale blue color recently and with a vaulted ceiling, we had a lot of solid, pale blue over the headboard. To save some money (six-foot-wide pictures run, oh, $400 and up) and to make something that we were sure would look good, we purchased three 18 x 24" canvases ($3 apiece), three paints ($0.50 apiece - light blue, dark blue, and red), and three sets of paintbrushes ($0.99 apiece - one-time use throwaways).

We shoved the canvases together and painted as if it was one canvas. Then, to mirror the arch in the headboard, we raised the middle one up a little (and also to break up some of the lines that continued from one canvas to another). Our bedspread has white, several shades of blue, and red, the carpet is blue, the walls are blue, and as it happens, some of the pictures we have are matted in blue. So, all told, it looks great and cost less than $14 (we had a 40% off coupon and applied it to a pack of $0.99 brushes - the canvases were on sale).

Abstract Art

What do you think? I'm pretty pleased with it, particularly for a savings of $385 or more. (Yes, the picture quality is poor, but you get the idea.)

8 Responses to "My Own Abstract Art"

  1. We did a pretty nice job! But those lamps look really bad... maybe for Christmas from my parents?

  2. Digging the art, very nice work!

  3. I like it. Nice work.

  4. Do you find keeping a hammer on your pillow a key ingredient to a successful relationship?

  5. The hammer is for the nails used to hang the pictures, dg, very funny. The bright green thing, in case you want to ask, is a tape measure.

  6. dg, Hammer? No. Tape measure? Yeah! 🙂

  7. You can change them with the seasons, too. Next Spring do one with the interplay of pale yellows and greens to complement your room's "natural" blue and lend a lifelike atmosphere. Try using blotches in addition to lines, too. (Practice on copier paper first.) In the Fall, do one with soft oranges and yellows (obviously pick an orange that will go well with your particular blue). Great idea.

  8. [...] started in one bedroom, painting it a bright green. Next we painted the master suite: bathroom and bedroom. Then we moved on to the kitchen (sagey green), the bathroom downstairs (earthy brown), the living [...]