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QotD: Text Editor

Question: What text editor do you prefer (CLI, GUI, whatever)?

My Answer: BBEdit. Just about always have. Wish the tab implementation didn't suck… but it'll do.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Text Editor"

  1. TextMate won me over months ago after using SubEthaEdit and BBEdit. Snippets rock.

  2. TextMate for me. I finally bought it the other day and haven't looked back. TextMate probably takes a little more setup to get it how you want it, but once you can't live without it.

  3. BBEdit. I also use the command line tools 'bbedit' & 'bbdiff'. I now use bbedit from the terminal more often than emacs, and I use the bbdiff tool as the compare utility from SourceOffsite.

  4. Try as I might, I am unable to switch from vi. I have and use BBEdit and TextWrangler, but I still prefer vi, even for editing files on my local system.

  5. I use nano/pico on the command line and subethaedit in OSX.

  6. I use primarily emacs and SubEthaEdit. And sometimes TextWrangler, as it has outstanding scripting support.

  7. Born and raised on BBEdit, but if I'm at work on Windows or a Unix box, I'll take vi(m) anyday. Not quite "just" a text editor, I'm digging Eclipse as an all around Java IDE.

  8. I'm still stuck in Windows, so ConTEXT does my daily editing. I use Nano for remote editing when SSHing.