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Mario Kart DS Friend Code

Mario KartMy friend code is 068 778 985 194.

Jason's is 416 671 313 392. Jeff's is 455 325 982 404. Brad's 116 023 594 595. Steven's is 021 534 302 069. Justin Williams, who hasn't managed to blog his friend code, can be found at 223 397 733 446.

When I initially formatted my friend code, I formatted it like Steven's (in groups of three). I've adjusted everyone's here look like that because it's the easiest format to read.

I had a heck of a time getting the WEP bit set up. It's pretty non-obvious where to obtain the hex version of your WEP KEY: click the "Password" icon in AirPort Admin Utility.

7 Responses to "Mario Kart DS Friend Code"

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    When I was in grade school there were few games that attracted my attention for so long as the original Mario Kart game for the Super Nintendo. Racing games have always been a hot seller for any platform, but Mario...

  2. 030 124
    251 133

  3. Hi! You u dont know me but i want some people on my friend list

    my code is 163 268 399 399

    thanx i look forward to racing u

  4. Add me on
    And my friend code is:


    e-mail me your Friend code and add me on msn so we can meet and talk then play!

  5. All this Mario Kart DS stuff makes me want to go and get a DS just for one game. It's sad. Must resist.

  6. Hi i've added u to my friends roster, i hope you'll do the same and race me sometime!

    My F/C is:- 000061786025

  7. My friend code: 279249 512538