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QotD: XBox 360

Question: Are you getting an XBox 360?

My Answer: Nah. I'll wait for the Revolution (whatever they end up calling it) and/or the PS3. I did, however, enjoy seeing one ripped apart and analyzed.

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13 Responses to "QotD: XBox 360"

  1. No. I don't buy any game machine over $150. Once it hits $150, I'll consider it.

  2. I'm bummed the Revolution won't support HD. Now the PS3 and it's multiple HDMI outputs....nice.

  3. There's a small chance that will change, Mike.

  4. I was going to buy one next week at midnight when it launched but the lady friend threatened me within an inch of my life if I bought one before Christmas day, so hopefully it will be in my hands by then. 🙂

  5. I can't see any reason why the Revolution hardware won't support HD. My guess is that Nintendo doesn't want to support it because the publishers (including Nintendo itself) don't want to have to spend the the extra money to develop HD games.

    The interesting question is whether Nintendo will do something to stop developers from making HD games, or whether it will simply be an undocumented feature which they may start supporting at some point in the future.

  6. No, but I did just order a GP2X. If you're not familiar with it, it's a PSP-sized hand-held that runs Linux.

  7. Nope, only way I'll get one is if a really killer game comes out or if the PS3 totally sucks. I don't expect either to happen. The Xbox box caters to genres that are not my favorites. I'll get a Revolution when it comes out and a PS3 once they drop in price a bit (or get a killer game).

    Tim, they're not supporting HD right now to keep the hardware costs down. The thinking is that not enough people have HD right now to justify the added cost.

  8. No 360 for me.

  9. No 360 for me either. I'm gonna wait until I can see more from Nintendo and Sony. Microsft hasn't shown me anything that is even remotely close to interesting yet. I'm plently busy with NDS and PSP anyway.

  10. I do admit I feel that geek compulsion to own one, but there's really only one game that interests me: Oblivion. And it's coming for Windows as well.

    I really want a Nintendo DS, though.

  11. The demos I've seen are just the same old things with a few more polys. Yawn. I'll pass.

  12. No X360 for me.
    I am still having fun with the XBOX and Halo2/Fuzion Frenzy/DDR so I don't see why I should bother. Also, I've got all these XBOX games lined up to rent and try out too.
    I am waiting for the Revolution, and will definately get that when it debuts. I will get the PS3 someday, because I told my self a long, long time ago that I'd skip the PS2 and just wait for #3 to come out. Seems like the stars are lining up predictably enough for that to happen.

  13. Definitely waiting for a Revolution. Nintendo isn't going to compete with Sony and Microsoft on pixel counts and frame rates, which is fine by me - innovative gameplay is the reason I have a Nintendo DS and not a PSP. I'd say, less than a 5% chance that any game will convince me to get an Xbox 360.