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TextMate, Redux of the Redux

In BBEdit, you can find and replace tabs and carriage returns quite easily. Hell if I could figure out how to do that in TextMate today. \t and \r certainly didn't work, and copying and pasting tabs and carriage returns into a single line NSTextField is not my idea of a good time.

I keep trying TextMate, and it keeps disappointing me. Hit for any other posts I've made on the app.

3 Responses to "TextMate, Redux of the Redux"

  1. To replace carriage returns use \n. \t will work for tabs. But be sure to have "Regular expression" checked in the Find window, otherwise they'll just replace literal \n and \t.

    \t doesn't seem to replace tabs when you use spaces for tabs though.

  2. If it is a Cocoa text widget, you can hit Control-Q before the tab or return, which will make sure it's not interpreted as a control character.

  3. That's precious. Thank you, Seth.