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Steelers 13, Baltimore 16 (OT)

steelershelmet.jpgSuffice to say, Tommy Maddox and Bill Cowher earn my wrath for the day.

I don't have much to say about them other than the obvious. Our running game sucked because in no way was Tommy Maddox feared. One of every ten passes the guy throws is picked off. One of every ten times he fumbles. Two of every ten times he is sacked. And of the other six times, he completes one, nearly has two picked off, and completely misses the target on the other three.

Yet Bill Cowher saw fit to put the sad, sorry insurance salesman in at QB. If the Steelers ever win a Super Bowl, it will be in spite of Bill Cowher. I appreciate the Rooneys and all they do, but in keeping Bill Cowher they're exhibiting loyalty over smart decision-making. Bill Cowher - and Tommy Maddox - are just that bad.

4 Responses to "Steelers 13, Baltimore 16 (OT)"

  1. Cowher had no choice but I guess you would have to actually be a fan of the Steelers to understand that. Lets see, Ben is out because of surgery to his knee, Batch is out because of a broken bone in his throwing arm and Randel El can't play quarterback in the NFL. Who does that leave? Oh, Tommy Maddox. I might be understanding your logic though. Its Cowhers fault that Batch broke bones in his throwing hand and its his fault that Ben is injury prone. I guess you should be coaching the team because I sure know that you could stop all the other quarterbacks from getting hurt.

  2. That's awfully short-sighted.

    First of all, Ben was not "out." He was listed as the second string. Second, Randel El threw a pretty damn good pass to Hines Ward last week (for a touchdown) and played college football as a quarterback. Third, you think Tommy Maddox can play quarterback in the NFL? What part of his 30-or-so passer rating tells you that he can? Cowher promised people that Randel El would see "a series or two" at quarterback. How many times did we see him? Two.

    Why run an option play wide left on third and inches? Why then when that loses ground throw a pass on fourth and one (for which Maddox took a sack, go figure)? Bad, idiotic, horrible coaching.

  3. Could be worse.

    You could be a Jet Fan.

  4. As a lifelong Steelers fan, it's odd how incredibly disappointed I feel after a Super Bowl victory. Neither team brought their A game. Heck, I'd be hard pressed to give Seattle even a B, and Pittsburgh played at least one...