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Help with Throttling, Please?

I don't have any new information to add to the topic I've previously mentioned here and here, but I've not yet found a solution. This blog is hosted under a virtual private account with Interland, but the problems only really seem to have started with MovableType 3.2 (though I could be wrong about this).

If anyone can help me figure this one out, I'd be quite appreciative, as would others who have seen this problem.

4 Responses to "Help with Throttling, Please?"

  1. did you try this dude?

    Basically you'll want to take a look at your mt.cfg settings for OneHourMaxPings and OneDayMaxPings.

  2. I hadn't ever seen that post. I've implemented the changes and will have to see how it goes. Maybe the defaults changed with 3.2, because 10 per hour is well above what I was doing.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Can't tell yet, but that may have done it. I'm not sure why my Google searches never turned that thread up before.

  4. no worries...i hope it works out for ya.