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Kevin McClatchy the Turkey

Couldn't have said it better myself:

The Pirates owner has been the biggest whiner about baseball's economic system - and the biggest culprit in terms of taking advantage of it to the disadvantage of Pittsburgh's fans. Thanks to the city-financed PNC Park, the Pirates have increased in value from the $90 million McClatchy paid for them in 1996 to an estimated $220 million. But McClatchy, who gets to keep all the baseball revenue generated at the ballpark, including the parking, and reaps another $25-30 million in revenue sharing, maintained the second-lowest payroll in baseball this year ($30 million after jettisoning Matt Lawton) as the Pirates suffered through their 13th straight losing season. The man who traded Aramis Ramirez for Bobby Hill, raised ticket prices after a 100-loss season in 2001 and tried to ban water bottles at PNC Park, needs to just shut up and sell out.

I second the "sell out" part.