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QotD: Home Page

Question: From a pal, who will probably answer first, comes this: does the phrase "Home Page" as a euphemism for "web page" bother you?

My Answer: Not really, but I think I've gotten over it. It used to bother me. What bothers me more now is when people attempt to describe, for example, The Sand Trap by describing it as "a blogger website about golf." That just grates - hard - for some reason.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Home Page"

  1. As I said via AIM, this drives me nuts. But I'm trying to get over it. A web browser has a "home page"; a company has a "web site," and a person has a "web site" or a "web page" (depending on its extent).

    I think "extranet" may bother me more. What a stupid word.

  2. In Swedish "home page" is the de facto standard. People say that about pretty much every type of site.

    I don't like it myself, I say "site" (in English). Hooray for mixing in tech jargon in your language.

  3. I suppose I HAVE heard people refer to a sites HOME page before (its index page, the page that greets visitors initially), but really, I don't hear or read it very often at all outside of the usage of a browsers default home page (that a browser may open to). Really not often at all.

    I am much more bothered that publishers have books they sell to high school students wishing the enter college, that have titles referring to the GRE Exam, or the ACT Test.

  4. The Japanese say homepage about any page. Or worse, "HP." Ugh.