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XBox 360s in Erie

Erie must not be a big gaming town. There aren't many EBs or GameStops, and Best Buy (we have one) had 72 XBox 360s (54 Pro, 18 Core). I visited Best Buy this morning at 9:55 (they opened at 9am) and saw two XBox 360s get scooped up by people who had pulled in and parked just before me. I was astounded that they had lasted as long as they did.

2 Responses to "XBox 360s in Erie"

  1. So were you after one?

    Consider yourself lucky, us poor gamers in Australia have to wait until March before they go on sale here...

  2. Not at all - I'll wait for whatever they end up naming the Revolution and perhaps the PS3.

    I thought Best Buy opened at 10, so I stopped in to see the carnage. It had opened at 9, though, so the carnage was minimal. Had I been able to buy one, I would have… and then immediately re-sold it on eBay.