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Amazing Race’s Ignorant Weavers

Is it just me, or are the Weavers on the Amazing Race some of the most obnoxious, annoying, and ignorant people you've ever seen on reality TV?

They constantly make fun of other teams, then wonder aloud why they're unliked, which then prompts them to make fun of the other teams again. They are supposedly "liked" by everyone… except everyone in the race hates them. They've been yielded twice and were hours behind the other teams in last night's episode, but survived as it was a non-elimination Pit Stop.

The Weavers are evil. They have condescending nicknames for every other team, constantly talk about God as if he cares whether they win or lose a damn race on reality TV, and are so blatantly ignorant to their own behavior (and the reactions of others to it) that I wish I could smack some sense into them with my remote.

14 Responses to "Amazing Race’s Ignorant Weavers"

  1. God wants the Weavers to stay on TV just long enough to demonstrate what happens to those who take His name in vain.

    At least, that's my fervent hope.

  2. I cringe every time the Weavers are on screen. I'd take the Paolos any day over the Weavers. The Paolos at least seemed to grow and improve as a family as the race progressed. The Weavers are stagnating. I don't know what it's like to lose your father or spouse in a race car crash, but it just seems to me that they've taken away the worst bits of that experience, and have spiralled down from there.

    On one hand, I'd like them to stay in the race long enough to actually learn something and become better people. On the other hand, I have serious doubts that they are even capable of that.

    The only positive thing I can say about them is that they did manage to get through the race track events. Also, they have averaged a third place finish so far, so in terms of the race itself, they're doing pretty well.

    As an aside, I've noticed that the antagonistic teams generally tend to place in the top half of the race. The Paolos and Weavers in this season, Ron and Kelly in season 7, Adam and Rebecca and Jonathan and Victoria in season 6, Colin and Christie in season 5, and so on...

  3. i know the weavers personally and i cannot stand them. and there big ego they really think there cool and they are so strange with there moods sometimes they will be so nice and sometimes they wont evem say hi. and i am so glad they got picked 2 be on tv so maybe they can see how anoying they are i was at there dads funaral and it was very sad but the way the act is always uncalled for. they used 2 be ok sorta.

  4. The Weavers were the only people smart enough to play fair and it cost them the game. I was very impressed with Mrs. Weaver's mothering skils. The other teams were disrepectful to their siblings and parents. Especially the 3 young women to the father. He finally told them all to "shut up." The Linz family were obnoxious and dumb, as in, they pick the biggest guy to do the trapeze swing, now....that was brillant. They won, but not without the help of the 3 daughters and father. The Weavers got there all by themselves. They never played cuthroat with anyone. Furthermore, God does care about everything we do, that is the reason he gave us a set of rules to live by, i.e. the "Ten Commandents." Merry Christmas to everyone that reads this e-mail. Jesus is the reason for the season.

  5. It figures Mary likes the Weavers. You Jesus freaks all stick together. The Weavers were constantly asking God to give them the right directions, heading them in the right direction, helping them to win roadblocks etc. Talk about abusing the priviledge.

  6. Abusing the privilege of talking to God. The Bible says be in continuous prayer. How else are we to talk to him. Point? I'm sorry if you are seperated from God by your on need. I'm not. He is there for all of us and I never intend to stop using the privilege he gave me. Furthermore, if you really knew who Jesus is, you would know he is I don't think you would be calling him a "Freak," but then, for you, ignorance is bliss.

  7. ok, I disagree with almost all of you...I know the weavers acted alittle strange, but how would you act if everyone hated you? Right from the beginning, no one liked them. Even before they acted strange. I think that everyone hated the fact that they were christains. Ok, No one can pray to much. If you are having trouble with things, and need Gods help, then you pray and ask for it!! There are no priviledges!! God wants you to call on him! It's not right to hate someone because they act differantly then you. God wants you to love everyone! Even your enemys! Everything happens for a reason. The weavers were the only ones who were normal! Everyone else was disrespectful and annoying. Like the father and his daughters. I couldn't imagine talking to my father the way they did to theirs. I think what those girls needed was a spanking! so people who love Jesus are freaks?? I think people who don't love and know him are the ones who are freaks. Well, I'll be praying for you all.

  8. you obviously dont know the weavers
    if you knew there family in real life,
    like i do,mrs.weaver was my teacher at one point
    her son and i are very close and her middle child,rachel,was in my brothers graduating class
    you'd know that they are an extremly sweet,loveing,nice,careing family.

    1. Just keep drinking the kool-aid.

  9. I believe in god but I think what the weavers did on the show was just rude. I really liked they didnt win to prove that being rude doesnt help.

  10. The weavers are a disgrace to Christ. They blatently lay bame to other teams for talking smack, then do so themselves, talk about hypocrites. They threw trash at another team, degraded another team, and were overall idotic and reduced themselves to junk. I am so appalled at the weavers, they are 100% the worst team ever over the first 8 seasons and I wish they never mentioned God because they disgraced Him, how shameful. weavers rot in hell you pharisees!

    1. Also you shouldnt take joy in others suffering like you did. Jesus didnt come to Earth and make fun of people like you did......look in the mirror, watch yourselves, hold your tongue for His sake.

  11. (mod combine mine if you can)
    Seriously, weavers do you think you won souls to Christ with your actions or pushed them away? BTW Christ is love in case you dont know which seems so from your actions.....

  12. The Weavers represent the worst of everything in so-called Christians. They pretend they are blameless and that they are innocently reviled by others for no reason at all.