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iTunes Problems Today?

Anyone else having problems today?

iTunes Unable

I can't buy a movie I put in my shopping cart yesterday.

5 Responses to "iTunes Problems Today?"

  1. I have had the exact same problem every time I 've tried since 1 pm Thanksgiving.

  2. I still cannot purchase anything from the iTunes Music Store. I continue to get the same error message. I have to go to Tam O'Shanter today to meet with the pro down there for some work I'm doing for a...

  3. I have tried to purchase 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again' for the past two weeks and it doesn't work. I get an error 'Purchase of this item is not currenly available. This item is being modified. Please try again later.' Apple support doesn't respond quickly and asked me for information about versions, ISP and connection type. I still have yet to hear back. Strangely, I can get the free stuff. I was also able to buy INXS - Switch. Too bad Apple can't figure this out. They seem to have a huge number of problems with the iTMS in past month.

  4. I bought a new ipod nano. The latest version of itunes/quicktime will not install on my Windows XP computer. I'm running XP Pro service pack 2. The program installs until the last tick on the slide bar then bombs.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I just had this exact problem with iTunes. I got some iTunes giftcards for Christmas and I wanted to use them tonight to buy a list of songs I've been creating. Now I can't do it because Apple is having dome stupid problems with their iTunes music store.