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Mario Kartfest 2K5

Mario Kart for Apple Geeks Invitational, Monday, November 28, 9:30pm EST. I'll try to be there, I guess. I hereby christen the event "Mario Kartfest 2K5." If we manage to squeeze another one in, why, it'll be 2K5.1. 🙂

4 Responses to "Mario Kartfest 2K5"

  1. Glad you'll try to be there. You might want to note your friend code over on my site in the comments, so others pick can it up.

  2. Actually, I'd rather keep my friend code here, where my friends know where to find it. I don't want random non-friends butting into friend matches.

  3. Erik, the truly great thing about friend codes is that you BOTH have to enter each others codes. So, you can basically spam your friend code in Usenet and since you didn't add a single person, none of them will ever get to race you.

    So, how come you haven't added me yet? =)

  4. I'm not sure why I ever thought that I could participate in Mario Kartfest 2K5 - the Steelers play Monday Night Football tonight. Duh! Sorry. I'll catch the next one, though....