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QotD: iSight Usage

Question: Do you own an iSight or a Webcam? How often do you use it?

My Answer: Yes, and next to never. I bought an iSight for my parents as well but they never wanted to use it…

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7 Responses to "QotD: iSight Usage"

  1. A friend and I were just talking about this the other day. Both of us own them, and neither of us ever use them. They do look great though.

  2. Yes. Got it at WWDC2002 when they were released. I still use it at least once a week. Sometimes every day, all day (videoconference to support a VNC session for collaborating on a project)

  3. I only used mine occasionally until recently. I work in a cube in a small office near a heavy traffic area, lots of people walking back and forth to the kitchen and restrooms. So, I've mounted the iSight up on top of my cube. I fire up QT Player and set it to "New Movie Recording" (without actually turning recording on, of course) and now I can see the other side of my cube! I can even make movies of co-workers doing silly things. haha

  4. I got one free at WWDC 2003 and I just tried it & put it away. The only thing I used it for was a Quartz Composer hack at the last MacHack.

  5. I got one at WWDC in 2003, ignored it for over a year, and and then got a contract where the lead was a chat fiend. The iSight has been used several times a week since then.


  6. Yes and Yes. I chat with my parents (who have a webcam) in Canada about every week (I am in Australia now).

  7. Ditto, sadly. Because it's actually a really cool toy - just too much of a pain to pull out and set up on my pbook.

    I guess more often if I had an iMac or something.