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Pirates in Need of Makeover

And Mark Cuban is the answer? So they say:

Colorful Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban grew up a Pirates fan; so he has served notice: If owner Kevin McClatchy ever puts the team up for sale, he wants to bid on it.And Pirates fans are pulling for him. This ball club hasn't posted a winning record since 1992. Despite building a beautiful new ballpark to generate more revenue, the franchise remains "small market" when it comes to spending.

The other professional sports teams in need of a makeover: the Devil Rays, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, 49ers, Hawks, Hornets, Florida Panthers, and Clippers. They left of the Steelers, who desperately need a new head coach.

4 Responses to "Pirates in Need of Makeover"

  1. OK, second post today with snarky remarks about Bill Cowher. I'll bite. Why should he be fired?

  2. Wow, finally I see an article on your site that I've read before I saw it here.

  3. Bill Cowher should be fired because he lacks the intelligence, guts, balls, football savvy, and wherewithall to take a team to the Super Bowl and win it. His "just play it safe" and "keep it close" mentality are not how you win championships. His teams are never properly prepared to win games in the post-season.