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QotD: 9 to X and Interface Sounds

Question: Do you miss Mac OS 9's "interface sounds"? Have you done anything to get them back?

My Answer: Mac OS 9's sound effects when choosing menus, dragging windows, etc. may be one of my most missed features, in fact. I ran Xounds for awhile, but removed it when my software company began making bug testing on a clean system a priority. I've not installed them again because, despite Unsanity's assurances that their product is crash-free, I don't quite believe that my system is as stable with APE running than without.

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One Response to "QotD: 9 to X and Interface Sounds"

  1. I liked them to some degree in OS 8 and 9, but I recall at one point, on a new installation of OS X I think, some systems sounds were on by default, and I really didn't like it. It was WAY overboard.

    I keep my speakers turned down completely most of the time, unless there is audio content I am listening to. I even play video games with the sound off (in gaming, the sound is often designed as a ' timing distraction' and the game is easier without it)

    Similarly I have noticed a few polite folks switching to minimalist less intrusive ringtones for their cell phones. Perhaps there is still a chance for civil behavior among those that cannot avoid using cell phones in public places (The typical cell phone behavior has me wishing for a return of the public phone booth. The kind with closing doors)