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The Steelers @ Indy

We'll see about this:

Smith, Starks, and Farrior all should be back for Monday night's donnybrook. And finally a healthy backfield of Willie, Jerome, Duce, and Verron will be backing up Big Ben. Look for the Steelers to shockingly dominate and pistol-whip Peyton in a 34-20 laugher.

I think Peyton is over-rated, but I think the Pittsburgh D is overrated, too. I think that Indianapolis' defense is drastically overrated (look at their schedule) and that if the Steelers can establish a ball-control (read: run, run, run) offense, they'll do just fine. Not 34-20 fine, but something within 10 points and in the "W" column.

I also still think that Bill Cowher is one of the biggest morons in professional sports right now.

One Response to "The Steelers @ Indy"

  1. Colts defense? Improved, but majorly overrated.

    Peyton? Not overrated at all. He has a great receiving core and an insanely high football IQ. Better than Roethlisberger that's for sure.

    Colts win this week and then lose to the Jag-wires.