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QotD: 9 to X and What Else

Question: Look back over the previous 9 to X QotDs: have I missed anything lost in the 9 to X transition?

My Answer: I know of a few, but they border on being small things, like "the purely spatial Finder." Still, if you can think of something, I'll put up similar "9 to X" questions and see what people think.

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2 Responses to "QotD: 9 to X and What Else"

  1. I miss the Finder button view. I used this in combination with popup folders to replace the launcher which allowed me to access my app shortcuts at any time while preserving the maximum screen real estate. The Dock's autohide feature was not really a replacement for me because the Dock doesn't allow me to group things that way and I also don't like placing folders in the dock because of the delay when opening their popup menus... I also don't use the Dock's autohide.

    In the meantime, I've gotten used to all this but looking back, I still miss a few things such as these.

  2. Sometimes I still miss pop up folders with the little tabs along the bottom of the screen. A folder in the dock is by no means the same thing, because of the latency involved.