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Broadband Tuner 1.0

From Apple:

The installer increases the default values for the size of the TCP send and receive buffers. With larger buffers more data can be in transit at once. A startup configuration file is also updated so that these changes will persist across restarts.

I haven't checked speeds before and after, but I'm surprised the installer doesn't demand a restart. 😛

4 Responses to "Broadband Tuner 1.0"

  1. I was surprised the installer needed no Admin password and was able to write a "root/wheel" file into /etc/

    That's really amazing.

  2. Kind of makes you wonder if someone could write malware that way...repackage the installer to set the values to 0 or something.

    The person wouldn't be able to get online, and unless you know to go into the TCP config file, it would likely require a clean install to solve.

    I wish I knew how to do this, I'm interested to see if it actually works..

    Any idea why doesn't it require an admin password?

  3. Thanks, Erik.

    Anyone with information about the installer or any of that, though?