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Steelers -13, Colts 20something

Die, Bill Cowher, die. Take the majority of the rest of the coaching staff with you.

4 Responses to "Steelers -13, Colts 20something"

  1. The game wasn't that bad until Cowher or some other idiot decided to try and onsides kick to start the 2nd half. The false starts didn't help much but that onside kick was a big momemtum change since the Steelers were only down 16-7.

  2. Er, actually it was 26 to 7. 😉

  3. blalor, after the half it was 16-7 with the Colts in the lead. The game stayed surprisingly close in the 1st half and then after the beginning of the second half the Colts got good momentum.

  4. This about sums it up:

    Billy Cowher is supposedly the grandmaster of getting his teams fired up for prime time TV, but on this evening, with a chance to knock off the unbeaten Colts, they bowed out with barely a whimper. The intensity and hitting was marginal, at best. The defensive tackling was flaccid and feeble. The offensive gameplan, which Bilbo presumably approved, was a stinking pile o' shit. The plethora of pre-snap penalties showed a distinct lack of focus and preparation. As ABC showed, Cowhard's team has had the incredible luxury of playing the least number of games, by far, in domes the past several seasons, and it showed. The decision to conduct the onsides KO to start the 2H was dubious, at best. Then Cowhard immediately follows up that riverboat gamble, trailing 23-7, by PUNTING on 4th & 7 at the Indy 37. How the hell do you try an onsides KO, down 16-7, but then on the next series, punt from the opponent's 37-yard line while the score is 23-7?? Then there was the excessive grabass on offense late in the game, in which the Stiller "O" showed no urgency, and on the last possession, simply plunged the ball on all of its final 5 plays. You'd think Cowhard would want to get his QB and WR corps to get some work as well as send a message to the entire offense, since all they could do was muster 7 piss-ant points. Instead, the dimbulbed Cowher was more than content to do nothing but throw in the white flag of surrender and do what he does best -- blindly and blandly plunge the football. Collectively, tonight was just another example of why Cowhard will never win a championship in the National Football League. D-.