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Still Cannot Purchase iTunes

I still cannot purchase anything from the iTunes Music Store. I continue to get the same error message. I have to go to Tam O'Shanter today to meet with the pro down there for some work I'm doing for a golf company and was interested in buying an audio book.

I submitted a support request four days ago and have yet to hear back.

2 Responses to "Still Cannot Purchase iTunes"

  1. As of a half-hour ago, it was working for me. I bought a couple of songs yesterday and this morning, and had no problems at all.

  2. I do alot of online purchasing and charge card account lookups (payments, reconciliations, etc.).

    I have probably made a few hundred - no, maybe several hundred ITMS purchases over the last 2 years. Of them, I had this happen to me once. Exactly the same symptoms too.

    I was NOT the ITMS however that was at fault. It was a Sunday, and I found I couldn't access my credit card info online. So I called their customer service number (800 number) and got the usual voice menu options. Even this had "problems accessing my account".

    My recourse? I went into my ITMS account, changed it to my credit union ATM card, and everything worked perfectly.

    A few days later I switched things bback to my 'real' credit card, and haven't had a problem since.

    Again, the only ITMS issue was this very non-descriptive message, which didn't give me a clue that ITMS simply could not verify that my available credit could take my $2 purchase. Consider swapping card numbers or at least call your credit card customer service center before assuming the only problem lies with ITMS. I'm probably wrong, but nnothing you posted today - or earlier - implies that you've tried this.