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iPod Shuffle Engraving

I've never mentioned it here, but my iPod Shuffle has an engraving on it. When it's free, why not?

iPod Shuffle Engraving

4 Responses to "iPod Shuffle Engraving"

  1. Good one. I saw a page of rejected engravings once, including such hits as "I cost more per ounce than cocaine." or something to that effect. Yours is good as well, although I think it'd be funnier if it said "iPod's screen will self-destruct in 30 seconds."...

    The cynic will say that engraving's a trick by Apple, making it so that you have to buy a new one if you ever tire of it. But I kind of like them, and the only reason my 3G 15GB hasn't got one is because I could never settle on one.

  2. Unfortunately, you're limited to 40 letters.

  3. My iPod mini has my name and domain name (sans protocol and www) on it.

  4. Wow, very cool. Might just borrow that if I ever get a new iPod (my 3G still works).