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QotD: Christmas Vacation

Question: How long do you get for Christmas vacation?

My Answer: Carey gets about a week and a half. I will probably take a break lasting about as long…

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3 Responses to "QotD: Christmas Vacation"

  1. I get exactly 36 hours off for Christmas (from 6:00p the 24th to 6:00a the 26th) lol. I work in retail, though - I guess it's to be expected.

  2. A little over two weeks, off on the 23rd through the 9th. However it's summer here, so it's a nice time to be off work.

  3. I was working for UPS and so I would have only gotten Saturday (Christmas Eve) Sunday, and then maybe Monday off.

    Friday was my last day there though, so I get off from work from now until the new year when I find a new job in my new city. Sometimes things work out pretty well. 🙂