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QotD: Apple’s Media Box (Again)

Question: What do you make of this?

My Answer: I am not allowed to say. 😉 But I am interested in what you may think…

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6 Responses to "QotD: Apple’s Media Box (Again)"

  1. That's one heck of an answer... 🙂

  2. I don't like those kind of answers. They always read so childish.

    Kind regards,
    Timen Swijtink

    ps: Sorry, I realize I only comment when I disagree with something you've done. Know that when I don't comment, I like what you've done so it's all good.

    ps2: "Speak Yo Mind" is pretty weird, too. Is it supposed to be ghetto?

  3. You "can't say", my conspiracy theory wheels are spilling out of control..
    *digs around for his tinfoil hat* (because, those media-center things read your brain so they know what kind of shows you like to watch)

  4. It is causing me buyer's remorse, because I have a new macmini coming to me for Christmas from my parents (they already have it wrapped and under the tree.)

    Finally! I get my first Apple product, and I hear about the next generation of the very product that I am about to receive and it is ten times better? Grrr...

    I always feel like you have to be rich (or willing to spend) in order to be a happy Apple user.

  5. David, if you can muster the strength, keep it in the box and return it to an Apple store. You can return anything within something like 15 days if it's a Christmas gift, and they'll give you your money back. THEN buy the next one… You know, the one I can't talk about. If it even exists. 😉

  6. I'd like the concept better if I had broadband. In fact, I have always thought if Apple did a Media Center Box, it would tie into dot mac and iDisk more somehow.

    It does solve the problem of being able to back up huge files (sounds a bit like a subscription plan though, that tends to raise some folks hackles), by allowing you to "own" them offline, but it would still be nice if there was merely a mac mini capable of receiving and archiving HD cable and broadcast -right now the mac mini could be a capable media center (as in DVR) if it could only fit the HD into the equation. A tuner for the same price, and the GPU needed to munch HD content, into the minis price point?

    I would like an HD DVR Mac Mini (that does the mac stuff too)

    I don't even watch my Tivo, because it is stuck in the bedroom, which I use mostly for sleeping, and reading. I'm probably not going to watch much TV at all if it is not portable in some way.