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The Colts Cheat?

Given the fact that Ed Werder also agrees, and that the Colts could offer no comment to explain the existence of the microphones, I rate it as highly possible that the Indianapolis Colts cheat by artificially enhancing crowd noise.

For the record, the Steelers still would have had their asses kicked, but come playoff time I expect the microphones to be M.I.A.

3 Responses to "The Colts Cheat?"

  1. The league said it is satisfied the Colts have done nothing wrong."We're not looking into any possible violation by the Colts of our policy on club-controlled stadium sound," an NFL spokesman said yesterday.

    This is a nonissue.

  2. Sure, Justin. Keep reassuring yourself of that.

  3. The Bengals suddenly morphed into the Bungles once again. Their division crown was won through the second rung (better division record) as the 11-5 Steelers came back from a first-half deficit (something they've yet to do this year) to win...