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QotD: Mixed Drink

Question: What's your favorite mixed drink?

My Answer: One I invented, called a "Bloody Pussy." There's a story behind the name (condensed version: it was the sequel to Bloody Balls, duh!), but I've not really told anyone the recipe. I've not seen another recipe like it, either. Bloody Balls is just half lemonade, half cherry Puckers.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Mixed Drink"

  1. Gatorade and everclear

    I have to ask... what does Carey think of this drink? What does she think of the name? I have to admit that the name makes the drink sound rather unappealing especially when I get a visual in my mind. "I'd like to drink a 'bloody pussy' right now!" is a statement that makes me want to gag.

    However, since your "bloody balls" mix sounds really appealing (apart from the name) I'd probably actually enjoy whatever it is that you're making.

  2. It is good. In college, particularly my last year, I liked to host parties. My apartment was known as a pretty safe place to party because we didn't let the girls do stupid shit and we kept the guys from trying to make them do stupid shit. As such, we had a good # of girls at our parties, though they tended towards the "goodie two shoes" side of the scale and not the "dirty slut" side. 🙂

    Anyway, as I liked to throw parties but didn't particularly care to drink, I got tremendous satisfaction out of girls coming up asking for a Bloody Pussy. "Have you ever had a Bloody Pussy? It's soooo good." (etc. etc.) So, all in good fun.

    Carey has only had the drink once or twice. It's just a name. There are worse drink names out there…