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White Balance

Something I've yet to get into as my "learn my camera" phase has been put on hold by the immediate need to "use my camera" is white balance. Some day I will read this article on white balance. I know the basics. I just have to develop confidence in applying them, and that will come with more knowledge.

4 Responses to "White Balance"

  1. You should try Wallace Expo/Disc, it works.

  2. You have your orange tungsten lights, and your blue daylight(and flash), your green flourescents, and you know what should be white in a scene; doesn't really become too complex unless you are mixing the light sources and you have to make a choice as to how much of either looks best.

  3. just get a whitecard, no?

    a greycard is great for film. ...i imagine a whitecard for digital could be almost as great. 🙂

  4. it used to be camcorders would include a white translucent lens cap, that would average the light in the scene to help provide a white balance (best used when filling the viewfinder with something that SHOULD be white, first, its the old greycard concept.