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QotD: No Firewire on Intel iBooks?

Question: Do you believe the reports?

My Answer: I hope with all of my might that PowerPage, as usual, is wrong, but at the same time I wouldn't put it past Apple to do something stupid like this.

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4 Responses to "QotD: No Firewire on Intel iBooks?"

  1. I really doubt this is true. More likely is that they don't support booting from firewire, or don't support target disk mode, or something like that. (which could hopefully be fixed in a firmware upgrade.) It seems really unlikely that the firewire hardware would be dropped.. how else would one get video into iMovie?

  2. It just seems sketchy because people's iSights wouldn't work on the new machines.

    Also, there are so many firewire peripherals out there, including hard drives with massive amounts of data, that it would be complete insanity. Changing the iPod to only use USB 2 didn't break anything, changing the computers would.

    Sony has firewire on their computers, it shouldn't be a technical problem right?

  3. I could see potentially buildding in an iSight into the next iBook, and only giving FW800 as a temporary concession, or something like that, then maybe making firewire a high-end option, only coming built in on Desktops and Powerbooks... but that's about the closest scenario i can imagine right now to the rumor.

    I really doubt apple would just up and dropping firewire completely... Is it a matter of space? will the new iBooks be ultra-portables? a matter of power consumption? a matter of intel not building firewire into their all-inclusive wifi/media/etc chips? where is there any justification of the rumor? i just dont buy it.

  4. More fodder here, fwiw.