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Bill Cowher’s Shadow

Yet another article at points out why Bill Cowher should get his ass out of Pittsburgh:

Bill Cowher's major positive impact on any team has been his motivating factor. But from the looks of the Monday Night Massacre at the hands of Indy and now getting stomped on at our home field from the Bengals… He seems to have lost the one positive asset of his coaching - motivation. He is a distant shadow of his former self - and so are the Stillers. Without Cowher being able to fire up the troops… he is left to nothing more than slobbering all over himself. We all knew Bill Cowher was poor game planner, X's and O's guy. But he used to be able to overcome those problems most of the time with sheer motivation.


2 Responses to "Bill Cowher’s Shadow"

  1. I guess you posted this before the steelers blew away the chicago bears. You can now jump on the bandwagon. We keep a couple of spots open every year for people like you.

  2. The Bears are overrated and playing out of the weak-ass NFC. Of course the Steelers would beat them. The Steelers may even get lucky enough to make the playoffs, but they probably won't go far from there.

    One win sure as hell doesn't change 15 seasons of never winning the big game (and only going there once) despite having some of the most talented teams in the league in half or more of those years.

    I don't know what bandwagon you speak of, as I've been a hard-core Steelers fan my entire life. I just know the team would be better off with a real head coach.