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QotD: Guessing Presents

Question: I've let Carey guess at what I bought her for Christmas for a week or two now. She's not gotten close yet. Do you let others guess? What do you do if they get it right?

My Answer: I only let Carey guess because I don't think she'll ever get it. If she does, she can open the present right then. She won't. I've only ever let people guess in the past when I'm sure they won't be able to guess.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Guessing Presents"

  1. noone here likes to guess. I have tried to prod people to guess what I got them but noone will bite.
    Sucks, because I actually got some good presents for people this year and, well, i'm about the most impaitient person ever born.

  2. I've guessed everything that I can think of...But wait! I just asked Erik if I guessed yet today and he asked if I wanted to open it. I said no because it's my only surprise this year. He then admitted that I kind of guessed it within the last week but since I wasn't specific enough he said no...All I can say is liar, liar pants on fire! 🙂