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Revised Pool Room Layout

I've created in OmniGraffle a mockup of the pool room. I've rounded things to the nearest foot, but otherwise the diagram should be reasonably accurate. I used OmniGraffle's gridding system and doubled the number of feet and divided by the grid size (8) to get a scale of 1 foot = 2/8 inch or 1 foot to 1/4". But that scale is useless on computers, given the differences in resolution.

Pool Room

The bar is 2' x 6' in the picture here and includes a small sink. It's sunk into the wall a foot and overhangs a foot. The chairs measure 1.5' x 1.5' and the table is 2' around. The couch is something like 3' x 7'. The door is 3' and has a corresponding radius. I imagine the door would open inward, but OmniGraffle seemingly has no capability for cutting off portions of shapes (the outer part of the circle).

The room, as you'll recall, will have a kneewall measuring 5' in height. The slanted portion of the ceiling (shown here at 45°, which isn't the exact angle) heads up to a ceiling at 8'.

The pool table itself will fit in the center front of the room. Typical cues are 57" or 58", and the playing surface is 4.5' x 9'. If you allow six inches to make a stroke on a cue ball right against a rail (at the edge of a playing surface) using a 57" cue, you need a playing area of 18'10" x 14'8" - roughly 19' x 15', which is what I've shown here. Of course, I believe the room in this diagram is an extra six inches in width. Whether this layout is possible will literally come down to about 12 inches of space.

4 Responses to "Revised Pool Room Layout"

  1. Last night, Carey and I received the first bid on the pool room (layout). I'm going to briefly discuss it here so I can document my thoughts. I've haven't adjusted the bid price as I don't imagine any of the...

  2. Turns out these drawings may be for naught: the room may only be about 18' to 19' wide. 18' leaves literally no room for a stroke on a cue ball against the head or foot rail and 19' leaves only...

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  4. Just make sure you have ample space for the pool table. Not to hit people with your cue stick when playing. Also, it's nice to have a bar stool instead of chairs.