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Steelers May Still Drop to #7 Seed

If Kansas City and the Steelers both win out, Kansas City holds the tiebreaker and would get the #6 spot. The first five will go to Indy, Denver, Cincinnati, New England, and Jacksonville, probably in that order. More here.

One Response to "Steelers May Still Drop to #7 Seed"

  1. Unrelated, but still interesting: I hadn't heard of this before:

    Lost as a result of one of the strangest series of events in recent memory. Tied at 13 in the fourth quarter they were stopped cold on 4th and goal from the 1 foot line. Going for it on 4th and goal late in a tied game was strange enough. Then things got weirder. On the first play after the change of possession 2 penalties were called. Intentional grounding and holding. Either would result in a safety if committed in the endzone. As an added twist the intentional grounding was being called against a running back that had been stuffed in the backfield and was throwing the ball out of desperation. After the refs huddled it was decided that the intentional grounding should not be called because the back was out of the tackle box. They also ruled that the holding penalty occured outside the endzone. This despite the fact that the ball was on the 1 foot line, the offensive linemen were all lined up in the endzone to start the play and none of them appeared to ever leave the endzone. The decision left the game tied and eventually resulted in overtime. After losing the toss the Lions never touched the ball in the extra period.