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QotD: Apprentice

Question: Imagine you'd just beat a very, very competitive player named Rebecca on The Apprentice and won the job. Then Donald asks you "should I also hire Rebecca?" What would your answer be?

My Answer: If I had 30 seconds to talk, I might have said "I'd love to have Rebecca as one of my employees." It may have been a good way of getting out without actually answering the question while still establishing myself as the clear and sole winner. If I had been on the spot, I'd have probably said "yes, she'd be an asset to your organization." Saying "no, it's not 'The Apprentii'" would make me sound like an ass (not to mention being incorrect - it's "apprentices" - so much for his education…).

Side conversation: like Judi, I disagreed with the whole bit about "Elisabeth Glaser was the client." They weren't, and Yahoo made it abundantly clear that they didn't want any actual fundraising - seems to me they just wanted to hold a party and thought that by paying lip service to a charity they'd feel better about themselves the next day.

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One Response to "QotD: Apprentice"

  1. A great question. It has created a lot of controversy. I thought I would post about it on my blog and leave a comment. While it is a dog eat dog world, Randal's choice will ultimately affect his ability to lead and his future career. My bet is that we will hear more about Rebecca than Randal in the future. Was the question will you share the title of Apprentice or should Donald give Rebecca a job too? I don't think that giving someone else an opprtunity to succeed diminishes your own opportunity. I think he could have had his ckae and eaten it too. He will lose in the court of public opinion.