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QotD: Intel Inside Promoted

Question: Will Apple have "Intel Inside" stickers or otherwise promote the Intel chips inside the computers?

My Answer: I don't think so. Apple promoted "G5" because it sounds cool and it distinguished the tower. They don't promote the fact that it's an IBM (or a Motorola on the G4) chip inside. Apple has almost never marketed using technology as a crux - they've stuck to brand messaging that promotes a lifestyle, not a slab of silicon. [Prompt: MacMinute]

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9 Responses to "QotD: Intel Inside Promoted"

  1. I doubt it. Apple has never put stickers on their machines. I've seen a lot of Windows machines that have been in use for several years with their stickers still attached. Apple wouldn't want their Macs to be seen like that. It will probably be on the box and in their ads, however. I just don't want to hear the 'intel inside' chime at the end of Apple's commercials.

  2. Depends if Intel gets pissy and demands it as a part of the deal. Even though most Mac users would probably know there was an Intel chip in there, I'd imagine they'd probably either take the sticker off, or not buy the PC altogether if the Intel sticker was on there.

    Personally I wouldn't buy a Mac with an Intel chip in it; The inside would either be cluttered with a huge heatsink/fan and air duct, or if not, the damn thing would overheat constantly, no matter if it was at load or not. Just look at the proprietary Intel desktops (I'm looking at you, Dell) and you'll see how horrible they are compared to AMD or other CPU manufacturers.

  3. Why not just call the new Intel processor the G6? I'm sure Intel will allow a special brand of Intel processor be renamed, since they will have custom Rosetta chips on the board. Would anyone really be offended?

  4. Apple used to put "PowerPC" on the outside of all their PPC machines. Of course, this was back when they also sold 680x0 machines, so it was a useful way to distinguish between the types of machines (for those who didn't know about the 3 digit vs 4 digit naming scheme) ... They stopped doing so when the iMac came out.. I imagine Steve Jobs didn't like it.

    They may want to have some sort of indicator on the outside that the machines have Intel CPUs, but I think it's more likely that they'll just go with a new case design. (The original PPC machines didn't have distinctive cases, so there was more of a need for the "PowerPC" mark on the case.)

  5. Depends if Intel gets pissy and demands it as a part of the deal. Even though most Mac users would probably know there was an Intel chip in there, I'd imagine they'd probably either take the sticker off, or not buy the PC altogether if the Intel sticker was on there.

    Intel doesn't demand that any computer maker participate in the "Intel Inside" campaign. Instead, they offer the incentive of subsidizing computer makers such as Dell for part of their advertising if the computer maker sticks the "Intel Inside" logo on cases, commercials, etc. With how obsessed Steve and co. are about the aesthetics of their product, I find it unlikely that they would stick that ugly logo on their systems.

  6. This was pretty much the first thing I though of when I heard about the switch. I figured if they did put it on there, they would find a cool way to do it. You know, etch it into the aluminum or something. Maybe remix the chimes on the commercial and make it all hip hoppy. But probably a big part of the deal was that Intel wouldn't make Apple put their name everywhere.

  7. Apple is a premium brand. If it means that every single intelmac is $1 more because it has no sticker, Apple would happily remove it. Apple is not going with intel chips because of rock bottom pricing, and i doubt that'll ever be a main concern.

    The stickers are ugly, and Apple has nothing whatsoever to gain from slapping them on their machines. I highly doubt it'll ever happen.

    They'll more likely create a marketing slogan (new name, moniker, something) to call the intel-based machines, certainly not "G6" but probably something with a good ring to it. I would give something like that 5 to 1 odds over an intel sticker.

  8. I think it would show great maturity and self confidence, if Intel could refrain from asking for such placement, be it a sticker or a jingle; yet perhaps still do a bit of co-op ad funding (it would still be selling their chips making ads more ubiquitous)

    I am betting, or perhaps just hoping, it doesn't go beyond an intel logo on the box, or perhaps mentioned near the serial numbering somehow.

    And THAT would be enough to get the machine into markets that have refused them, usually because of some mandate that machines be Intel Inside (which has kept AMD out of many institutional, corporate, and government markets)

  9. I would be surprised if a small spiff made it worthwhile. A massive shot of advertising, on the other hand, could be convincing. After all, Intel is currently buying ads for Centrino technology during Saturday Night Live, at the same time as Apple is buying iPod ads. Getting two mentions for the price of one is no bad thing at all.

    If Intel uses an Apple laptop as the centerpiece of that campaign, then Apple might just provide a quid pro in the form of some kind of 'intel inside' branding. I still doubt it will be a tacky sticker, but some form of swoosh logo would not be out of line if they were in the middle of a major ad campaign.

    Personally, I suspect the aesthetics would be awful, but I am willing to be impressed.