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QotD: Jammed Cell Phones

Question: If you could jam cell phones in any locations you choose, where would you jam them?

My Answer: Movie theaters. If I attended meetings, classes, or similar things I'd want them blocked there, too. Also, it'd be nice to selectively jam one person's cell phone so that they either quit in the middle of the round or stop talking on the phone every four minutes while you're trying to play golf.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Jammed Cell Phones"

  1. I don't want my cell phone jammed. I want to know that in an emergency, my kids can reach me. When I sit down in a theatre (or meeting), the first thing I do is put my phone on vibrate and leave it on my lap. That way if it "rings" I can excuse myself and take the call outside without disturbing anyone.

    Don't punish everyone by jamming cell phone signals when there are some of us who know when to silence them.

    I just wish there was a way of silencing my phone silently (Motorola V551). There have been times that I've forgotten to set it to vibrate and I don't want to have the phone make noise as a I switch it to "vibrate." It's just two beeps, but in a very quiet room it's not what you want to do. I've had to excuse myself to go to the powder room just so I can futz with the phone.

  2. Cell phones in theatres: Is this really that big a problem?

    Eric and I took the girls to a movie last weekend. We always joke at just how many times you are reminded to silence your cell phone before the movie starts. I’m glad they do it, sometimes I do forget...