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Randy Cross is a Moron

The Steelers were 2-for-2 (1 TD, 1 FG) in the red zone, and prior to that, had converted 7 of 8 red zone trips to touchdowns. On the season, they're 57 of 58 (now 58 of 59) in converting trips to the red zone to scoring.

What will it take for Randy "14 IQ Points" Cross to stop saying "these teams are terrible in the red zone" and phrases similar to that? Seriously! Cuz I'm about sick of it.

Randy Cross used to be a good commentator. But today he's repeatedly mis-identified players (Joey Porter is #55, not #53), shown extreme bias despite overwhelming evidence on video replays and calls on the field, and so forth. He makes so many extreme statements that he has to be bipolar. After a short run is stuffed, "the Steelers haven't gotten their running game going yet at all this game." Then a play later, after a 9-yard gain "that's how the Steelers have played this game - by pounding the run at the Vikings."

Just shaddup already. You're almost worse than Solomon Wilcots and "I-an" Eagle!

2 Responses to "Randy Cross is a Moron"

  1. That sounds almost as bad as playing Madden.

  2. Randy Cross must have killed his last remaining brain cells at a party last night. How embarrasing for him in today's pats / miami game, to repeatedly refer to the new england coach Bill Cowher. CBS should put him out of my misery & can his loser ass. I'm getting Sirius for radio simulcasts next season.