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New Construction by the Millcreek Mall

Does anyone in Erie even know what restaurants and stores are being built just south (and a little west) of the Millcreek Mall? Carey is hoping for a Cheddar's. I'd be happy with a real burger place (fast food and Overpriced & Erma's doesn't cut it). One building is already stick framed and nearly sided. Within the next eight or nine months, the whole area will probably be open, and I don't have a clue what stores/restaurants will be there.

3 Responses to "New Construction by the Millcreek Mall"

  1. One is a Buffalo Wild Wings ( They're around the Cleveland area, and it's a sports-pub type place, as if we need another one of those. Then again, do we really need any of the stuff going in up there?

  2. My husband works in construction and his company is doing the electric up there. According to him it's higher end retail, basically. Buffalo Wild Wings, Nordstroms, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc. If he hears of anymore I will let you know.

  3. Thanks for the info. If they're good wings, and they do take-out easily, I wouldn't mind. I doubt they'll do delivery, but it is only a mile away… No, I don't think we need any of them. It's sad that the most exciting thing to do in Erie is to go shopping. 😛

    Thanks too Shannon.