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Buying a Furnace and A/C

Carey and I are likely buying a new air conditioner and furnace in the next, oh, week or so. We've been working with a Trane guy (Schneider) here in Erie, PA and we have an offer on a Trane XR-12 A/C unit (3.5 ton, 12 SEER, 4TTR2042A10000A) and a Trane XR-90 two-stage furnace (TUX100C948), installed, for $5k. I'm not sure if we should do it or if we should push the existing furnace and A/C another year. The furnace would probably make it, but I doubt the A/C would.

I think that the $5k is a good price, but I'll find some way of doing some research on this in the next day or two.

5 Responses to "Buying a Furnace and A/C"

  1. If I were doing that sort of thing today, I'd look into one of the new dual-fuel units - the ones that run by natural gas or electricity, so that you can ride out a relative increase in either one.

    Good luck.

  2. i sell residential hvac systems. please please please don't waste your money on trane. email me if you have questions.

    we have sold various different brands over the years and the quality is as good if not better when you are comparing apples to apples. check out a lennox XC13 and a G61MP. if you plan on staying in the house for awhile, definitely go with r410a units.

  3. I lived in a house in Gainesville for four years, and we had a Lennox unit that was installed when the house was built -- 1991. My brother lives in that house now with his wife and the unit is still working well and has not been replaced.

    I give this testimonial to back up the "sma" guy. Trane may not be the best bet, and units made by other companies can out-perform.

  4. I know it's more expensive up front, but I'd strongly recommend that you look into geothermal options. We went with one a year ago and love it.

  5. The Lennox guy came today to look at our furnace/A/C needs. Our furnace, he said, is just fine. Our air conditioner needs replacing, but we knew that. He said he would not warrant or guarantee a furnace or air conditioner...