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Pool Room Flip and Decorations

Turns out these drawings may be for naught: the room may only be about 18' to 19' wide. 18' leaves literally no room for a stroke on a cue ball against the head or foot rail and 19' leaves only six inches (100" playing surface, 58" standard cue). That re-revised image is after the jump.

I went to Lowe's today to pick up an ice chipper and I swung by the paint chip section. I picked out the ideal green and only when I got home did I notice that it was called "Billiard Room." 🙂

I'm thinking that it might be pretty nifty to go with one of the fake wood floors. Wood + dark green + white slants and a ceiling might look pretty snazzy. The only problem I foresee there is perhaps too much "wood." My pool table is oak, too. Anyway, the decorating is largely Carey's call.

I dropped by Best Buy today too to get some information on speakers and stereo components. It seems I'd have to spend quite a bit of cash ($250 + $250) for a receiver AND a CD player capable of putting out sound to four or 5.1 speakers. That's not something I want to do on the off chance we'll turn the room into a theater room in 20 years - our great room is, pardon the pun, great for watching movies already. So, I may run the wires (that's relatively cheap), but a little boom box + airport express will suffice for now. I may even wall mount two of the speakers on the inside wall of the house to get them out of the way. I could even hide the actual stereo behind a little door or something. I'll talk with the builder about that…

So, anyway, the room may get flipped to look a bit more like this:

Pool Room Long

Doing this will also open up the space for a little more table tennis action, about which Carey's mom is mildly excited.

3 Responses to "Pool Room Flip and Decorations"

  1. Would diagnonal placement of the table in the room open up the ends of the table without constricting the corners?

    Where is the storage for that table tennis top?

  2. You don't put a table diagonally. And it certainly wouldn't fit in this case - half of the corners would be even tighter than if the table were lateral.

    Storage? Against the wall.

  3. Erik, you can never have too much wood for a game room.