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Shining Apple

Shining Apple

I was watching a DVD and doing some work on my computer when a small beam of light shone through one of the holes on my office window's venetian blind. The beam of light happened to be centered on the Apple logo at the bottom of my 23" Cinema Display. I took this picture pretty quickly (and in raw mode to boot. I cropped off something on the screen, but otherwise the picture is unedited.

4 Responses to "Shining Apple"

  1. hahaha that's pretty funny.

  2. Wow, 14 unread articles in PulpFiction.

    /me looks guitily at 1408 unread articles.

  3. Erik,

    What's that app you have running with a snowman for the icon? Looks like something festive to me!


  4. It's Adium. If you look closely, you'll see it's a duck.